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Magnetic Magazine

A Chat With Iconoclast Adrian Sherwood On Creative Integrity, Politics, Healthcare And What’s Really Important In Life

If you ask Adrian Sherwood what he thinks of EDM he'll say, "Maybe if I was on a lot of...

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Magnetic Magazine

Francis Harris Steps Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light ...

Francis Harris answers the phone in Las Vegas. He has lived in Brooklyn for a dozen years, but he's back home in the suburban desert looking after his mother

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Magnetic Magazine

Magnetic Chats With Neil Fraser, AKA the Mad Professor – EDM ...

Magnetic Chats With Neil Fraser, AKA the Mad Profes...

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Magnetic Magazine

Beak>: “I want to sound like the samples that Public Enemy would ...

New York hasn't been nice to Beak> the last couple of times the band tried to get the city’s attention. In 2010, when Geoff Barrow (drums), Matt Williams

Open uri20130405 13708 1j1ydal article
Magnetic Magazine

Tycho—A Balancing Act Between Sound And Vision | Magnetic ...

Sacramento, California, like many state capitals, is not known for its wild nightlife—especially not with “Babylon by the Bay” (San Francisco) and "So

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Magnetic Magazine

Tomas Barfod and The Secret To DIY Success | Magnetic Magazine

By the time Tomas Barfod releases his album Salton Sea on May 21, it will be his third project this year, just behind a solo EP and an album with his band W

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Magnetic Magazine

EDM News: Rest in Peace Mark Kamins, NYC Says Good By To ...

On “New York, New York”, Nina Hagen’s 1983 ode to Big Apple nightlife, the cosmic shiva name-checks some of the city’s hot spots of the time: “Pyr

Open uri20130809 32573 jrouxb article
Magnetic Magazine

Review: Philipp Gorbachev “Hero of Tomorrow” EP via Cómeme ...

As its cheeky title suggests, Matias Aguayo's Cómeme ("eat me") label is something of a halfway house for techno's miscreants. Recent addition to the rost

Open uri20130405 2726 rw59bs article
Magnetic Magazine

RIP, Anthony Wilson: Mr. Manchester | Magnetic Magazine

With the anniversary of the passing of Anthony Wilson (on Friday August 10 2007), it got us thinking about the list of People to Meet Before You (or They) Die

Open uri20130809 32098 fdwksj article
Magnetic Magazine

The Importance of Being Mr. G.—Ernest Gonzales on Music ...

Exclusive Download: Ernest Gonzales “When Synchronicity Prevails" (right click, save as) “Mexicans with Guns” (like “Fire!”) is not something you

Open uri20130405 12462 23s3xs article
Magnetic Magazine

Forget Bright and Silly, Brandt Brauer Frick's “Miami” Is About The ...

When Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauer, and Paul Frick first broke onto the music scene in 2009, the classically trained musicians turned DJs turned acoustic dance

Open uri20130809 32566 1kp2e5t article
Magnetic Magazine

Free Download: FaltyDL “She Sleeps” Martyn Remix | Magnetic ...

Over the last couple of years, Ninja Tune's New York-based FaltyDL (Drew Lustman) has been honing his hybrid of jazz inflected electronic funk with exponent

Open uri20130809 32098 1gcg2e4 article
Magnetic Magazine

The Presets North American Tour—Raging Synthesizers Here We ...

If someone hasn't printed "Tennant & Lowe, Almond & Ball, Hamilton & Moyes" on a T-shirt yet, they should. What do these three pairings have in

Open uri20130405 3273 xv0v5a article
Magnetic Magazine

Mouse on Mars: Interplanetary Baristas | Magnetic Magazine

A nightclub is one of the last places you'll find one of dance music's most enduring acts. In fact, you are more likely to find them on a boat. Which is exa

Open uri20130405 3273 ojzoo7 article
Magnetic Magazine

Review: Hound Scales “Case (Nabis)” EP via Fifth Wall Records ...

A little over three months ago, electronic producer Nico Jacobsen moved from San Francisco to New York. On February 19th, Jacobsen under his alias Hound Sca