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Open uri20130809 22728 1ec1vc2 article

Style Evolution: Lady Bunny | Société Perrier

A historical look at the gender-bending style icon.

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Amanda Lepore is Not Your Typical Girl Next Door | Société Perrier

I did the stripping thing for a while and I would get into trouble with some clubs when I took my clothes off at the end of my show.

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Société Perrier DJ Mix: Blakkat

Société Perrier DJ Mix: Blakkat

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Billie Ray Martin: Techno's Unsinkable Femme Fatale | Société Perrier

I work very quickly. I go in. Sing it. Done. It's my favorite kind of work.... The disco diva struts, shimmies, winks.

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Premiere: These Ghosts' New Single “Coat of Feathers”

Premiere: These Ghosts' New Single “Coat of Feather...

Stringio article

Talking Nightlife with In Flagranti | Société Perrier

We chat with In Flagranti about their new EP for Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound....

Open uri20131106 28763 1i6mhqk article

We Premiere Soft Metals' New Video and Give Away a Vinyl Copy of ...

Oct 17, 2013 ... See the video for their new track and enter to win some vinyl. By: Jorge Hernandez....

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Better Know A Blogger: Sheena Beaston | Société Perrier

We all came up with slightly-off names of some pop idols. I think one of us was deemed Cyndi Flopper… and hence I chose Sheena Beaston.

Open uri20130809 32566 170d47e article

Better Know A Blogger: Tim Sweeney, Beats In Space | Société Perrier

Tim Sweeney has been at New York University for 12 years now. No, he's not a flunky.

Open uri20130809 32566 2mcxze article

Kickin' Up Dust & Grooves with Eilon Paz | Société Perrier

Photographer Eilon Paz is hitting the road on a mission to document the deepest vinyl collections.

Open uri20130809 32566 o6evuc article

Cazwell Don't Stop | Société Perrier

When I first started I was in Boston, I tried to be accepted by the rappers there.